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The company’s turnover


Our plans

This technology allows us to make products for households (toilet paper, kitchen towels), but it is mainly focused on industrial toilet paper and towels with a wide range of use. This should be accompanied by creating a paper manufacturing machine and increasing our production capacity. Our customers are given the best quality, sufficient supplies of products and constantly affordable prices.


Completion and installation of fully robotized production technology for rolled products in H1.


Construction of warehouse hall S3.


Start-up of a new fully robotized napkin production line in H2.


First dispatch by own truck and launch of the project the largest investment in production technology in the company's history.


Construction of warehouse halls S4, S5, S6.


Purchase and start-up of new technology for the production of ZZ folded towels and cosmetic tissues.


Purchase of 2 more napkin production lines, start of construction of hall H3.


Purchase of 2 napkin production lines.


Decline in profit due to purchase of new investment.

výroba papíru

In 2012 the company made a significant and strategical decision to purchase a production line for roll paper hygiene. This financially demanding project was supported by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund. The production line was launched in autumn 2012 and currently it is a line with the biggest production capacity in the Czech Republic.

bm plus sklad

In 2008 the storage capacity was widened and a new production line for protective paper profiles was put into operation. All the products found their customers. This technology was eventually sold, and the company decided to focus solely on paper hygiene. One year later a new machine for hygienic napkins was set into operation. The customers' response was very positive and the company was at its maximum production capacity.

2006 – fire

However, on 27 February 2006 the company is hit by a terrible accident - the warehouse is on fire! In less than an hour everything except for the offices is burnt to the ground. The company management must answer a tough questing – will the company carry on or not? After 7 days, the company renewed its activity in rented rooms. Nevertheless, sixteen workers had to leave their job.

In September 2006, the company bought three real estates from NAVOS, a.s. company, i. e. an administrative building, a big warehouse and a smaller one, where the processing lines were situated.

The company’s services were improved thanks to a complete renovation and modernization.


In 2000 our company was able to buy its own real estate.

The best option was to purchase a former sugar refinery Všetuly with total area of 3600 m2 in Palackého street opposite Nestlé factory. After renovation and renting another administrative building at NAVOS a.s. grounds, the company was ready to move to its new residence. Larger space made it possible to broaden the company's activities, and in that year the first technology was bought (a cutter for packaging and printing paper and a new technology for manufacturing hygienic papers). The era of ‘converting‘ began.

The company manufactured its first Primasoft and Primasoft exclusive products. Despite initial difficulties caused by the introduction of production the company is becoming successful.


Due to insufficient production area, the company had to rent some more space, i. e. a warehouse in ZNZ-NAVOS in Tovární street.


In October 1995 Zdeněk Matela became the only owner of the company.

1994 – Company established

BM Plus, spol. s r. o. was established in January 1994 and continued in the activity of a former group of entrepreneurs. The original owners were Ing. Jiří Bozděch and Zdeněk Matela (that is why the company was called BM plus). Later the company was joined by Josef Šimek. From the beginning our company concentrated on industrial hygiene and packaging products. The company started with close to zero capital in rented rooms. The first offices were in hostel Pozemní stavby Zlín in Tovární street, the first stock was in a former factory of Stavomontáže Zlín. In autumn 1994 the company moved due to its growth to a bigger space in Grohova street, where it eventually built its new offices. As the company grows, the business department is established and the company becomes an important distributor of paper manufactures in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (JIP Větřní a.s., Harmanecké papierne a.s., Papírny Bělá pod Bezdězem a.s., Papírny Přibyslavice a.s.).

Our values


Over the last 26 years of the company’s existence has our name become a well-respected brand in the field of making and producing paper hygiene products.
We always do our best to promote our company’s name.
The combination of a skilled team, equipment and modern technology allows us to serve every customer on the highest level.


We are professionals. High-quality service is our standard.
Our goal is to keep our customers, business partners and employees satisfied.
Our relationships are built on opened, fair and polite communication.


We care about good relationships with the public.
Our work is always responsible and eco-friendly.
We realise how important giving back in our society is, therefore we are always keen on supporting individuals and charity projects likewise.

Reliable company

Essential principles of our company are fairness, honesty and good manners as well as being a trustworthy partner.
Our success goes hand in hand with our team’s hard work.

Video – Presentation of our company

About us

Our team currently consists of 50+ employees. The company’s annual turnover is about 6 mil. €+.