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    Procedure for making a complaint:

    We accept complaints only with a completed complaint form.

    Fill in the form legibly, state the name of the goods and the exact description of the defect, even if you are complaining about more products at the same time.

    Goods for complaint together with the completed form
    – hand over to our sales representative (from whom the order was created)

    We provide our customers with perfect service and quality services.

    However, the goods may be damaged. In this case, we ask you to do the following:

    fill in the complaint form
    a copy of the proof of purchase of goods
    possibly take photos (especially in case of damage caused during transport)

    In the interest of our customers, the correct completion of all necessary data is essential for the quick settlement of the complaint.

    Complaint form can be downloaded HERE.

    Installation videos:
    Manual for assembling the primaSOFT stand for the dispenser HERE.
    Installation and inspection of the primaSOFT 090736 dispenser HERE.