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Towel dispenser in the role of AUTOCUT, 090701

white - transparent
ABS plastic
4 pieces
2,38 kg
  • Tray size (H x W x D) mm: 385 x 305 x 225
  • Elegant design, easy replenishment, modern and hygienic system, high capacity. One towel at one time. Ideal for busy toilets (schools, airports, business centers, etc.).
  • Visible fill state
  • The stack contains a universal key that you can use for other trays of the same series
  • Mechanically resistant
  • You are only touching the towel you are using
  • Single-dose metering system – hygienic and cost-effective solution
  • High capacity, ideal for busy toilets and washrooms
  • Simple and easy replenishment
  • Smooth and functional appearance in a modern spirit that fits into the environment of most toilets and washrooms.
  • Matte white design
  • EAN code: 8 594041 862342