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Our values

Monday July 13th, 2015


Over the last 26 years of the company’s existence has our name become a well-respected brand in the field of making and producing paper hygiene products.
We always do our best to promote our company’s name.
The combination of a skilled team, equipment and modern technology allows us to serve every customer on the highest level.


We are professionals. High-quality service is our standard.
Our goal is to keep our customers, business partners and employees satisfied.
Our relationships are built on opened, fair and polite communication.


We care about good relationships with the public.
Our work is always responsible and eco-friendly.
We realise how important giving back in our society is, therefore we are always keen on supporting individuals and charity projects likewise.

Reliable company

Essential principles of our company are fairness, honesty and good manners as well as being a trustworthy partner.
Our success goes hand in hand with our team’s hard work.

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