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Tuesday April 28th, 2020

Dispensers and stands for hand disinfection

There are a large number of bacteria and other microorganisms on our hands, which we cannot get rid of simply by washing our hands with soap and water. To completely remove bacteria, it is necessary to disinfect the hands. Washing your hands is important, but rinsing them under running water is not enough.

We now offer stands with a hand disinfection dispenser in several variants. The stands are delivered including a non-contact dispenser or a manual dispenser. Another variant is the stand itself with a shelf for its own disinfection dispenser.

Dispensers are suitable for liquid disinfection, hand cleaning gels, rinse-free antibacterial soaps, etc.



  • stand height 148 cm
  • base diameter 38 cm
  • for soap / gel / disinfectant dispenser
  • metal / stainless steel


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